Wednesday, December 21, 2011

the new kid

I never really thought I would be a blogger. Actually, until recently, I was overwhelmed and somewhat intimidated about this whole blog thing. I don't know which blogs are cool, which blogs everyone and their mom follows, which have the best fashion advise, or which blogs have the best recipes or best 'day in the life of..' stories. Is there some kind of manual or visitor's guide? I'm laughing as I type this...I'm probably one of the few people under the age of 30 who doesn't religiously follow any blogs, let alone have one of my least until now!

An even bigger issue is finding something that inspires me to write. With so many people speaking their mind, giving free advice, and offering personal opinions, I'm having a hard time finding my own voice. Do I write about what's soooo hot right now and try to attract as many readers as possible? Or do I follow my instinct and simply post what I find interesting and hope someone out there feels the same way? Having my Etsy shop and working in the design industry has added a little more pressure. I see so many other Etsians, artists, and designers blog about trends, color, interior design, their inspirations, etc. I want a turn to share but I've hesitated because I'm not one to share my life story with just anyone.

I guess one day it hit me...why am I making this whole blog thing out to be such a huge deal? Who cares if I follow the hottest new blog? I don't care as long as I'm enjoying what I'm reading. I get to follow the blogs I like, which includes my friends and family members, and I get to just pass over the blogs I don't like. I know, so simple, right? Sometimes it takes me a little time to see the simple things in life. If you can't tell, I tend to think too much but that's a story for another day.

As for the content of my blog? Who cares if I write about something that is soooo last season? And who cares if I make a typo or grammatical error? I know you guys are out there and I'm letting you know is not the end of the world if I accidentally use 'your' instead of 'you're'. I'm going to write about what I love. I'm not going to worry what others think. I hope to include everything from design, fashion, textiles to my own craft projects, and maybe even a 'what were they thinking?!' design flop post now and then.

Stay tuned...